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I studied communications, media management and design sciences in Germany, London and Zurich. Currently, I live and work in Berlin and Zurich. Partly as creative strategist, partly as associated researcher at the institute for design research at Zurich University of the Arts as well as on a self-initiated collaborative research and design practice.

I have a fascination with the culture we live in and its new modes of knowing, doing and reflecting. This is why my research investigates the interplay between design, society and the sciences.


Metamodern Design Patterns



This collaborative research and design practice is based on the metamodernism theory by Timotheus Vermeulen and Robin van den Akker.

Assuming that the present is shaped by a postpostmodern pattern of feeling which describes an oscillation between contrasting extremes (irony and sarcasm, hope and melancholia, consciousness and apathy, integrity and fragmentation…) we try to investigate and make visible parallels to the current understanding of design.


Work in progress together with Isabel Seiffert.


Applied Fiction




The master thesis “Applied Fiction“ analyses the potential design

research features concerning the development of future visions.

Based on the hypothesis that design implies materialized speculation

about a future world, design objects offer a more tangible

and thus more accessible format of mediating possible futures.

With “Applied Fiction” an attempt is made to bring together different

approaches to envision the future (design, science fiction,

futures studies) in order to renew the ability to speculate and to

extend the concept of design.


Not only is this work an epistemological inquiry concerning the

role of design within futures research but the transfer of its results

into the design practice. Next to the written piece the master

project consists of a card set that helps inspire designers (and

others) to envision scientifically grounded fictions. The card set is

both method and artefact in one since it not only transports the

research findings, but was used during the inquiry as inspirational

basis in various workshops on fictional design.



Exhibitions/Workshops & Lectures

Applied Fiction – London Design Fair, Swiss Corner, London, September 2016

Applied Fiction – Design Preis Schweiz: Nominierte und prämierte Projekte, Langenthal, Oktober bis Dezember 2015

Forum for an Attitude, Forum 2\ Visibility, workshop participation, Depot Basel, November 2015

Die Rolle des Designers in der Gesellschaft, Lecture, Hochparterre u30 special, launch event, Oktober 2015

Beyond the Object – Der Designbegriff und sein erweitertes Wirkungsfeld, Lecture, Zeppelin Universität, Friedrichshafen, April 2015

Design denkt Zukunft – Exhibition, lecture together with Andrea Wiegemann, Second Sight, Amsterdam. A cooperation between Zurich University of the Arts and the W.I.R.E. October/November 2014

Fossilien der Zukunft – Workshop with students from the Master in Design ZHdK, Exhibition, September 2014

Applied Fiction – Final exhibition, Zurich University of the Arts, Mai – Juni 2014



Between reality and what is possible – Design far beyond 2015, Beyond 2015, Amsterdam, 2014

Applied Fiction – wie Design, Fiktion und Zukunft zusammenspielen können, swissfuture, 2/2014

Objekte aus einer spekulativen Zukunft, ChangeX, Serie Zukunft der Zukunft, April 2014



Swiss Design Price, Nominee Rado Prize for Young Talents, Design Research, November 2015






Master ZHDK 2014

Master ZHDK 2014