In response to the idea of the post-anthropocene, a life after human exceptionalism, ecological catastrophes, political extremism, and accelerated global fossil capitalism, we aim to seek strategies and practices that help us overcome the stasis that originates from one dominant narrative proclaiming doomsday and no possible way out.
With Otherwise we want to encourage participants to stay with the trouble we are facing—some of us sooner than others. Acknowledging the fact that asymmetrical power structures, uneven distribution of risk and responsibility and a non-correlative cause-effect relationship are the nature of the Anthropocene discourse, we are looking for survival strategies nevertheless. Bringing together approaches ranging from aesthetics to activism, art to policy making, global south to north, Otherwise aims to reframe disaster as the potential for transformation—what is left otherwise? 
With this first edition of Otherwise — a festival-as-research — we straightforwardly ask how to possibly live in the ruins of the Anthropocene—the epoch which marks humanity’s becoming of a geological force. With its small-scale format Otherwise means to provide a breeding ground, a space for the in-between, for collective overwriting, unsettling and enacting biases beyond individual and society, nature and culture, geology and technology. It creates a framework that challenges one-way perception and provokes collective becoming of its participant-collaborateurs. Sessions at Otherwise will engage the whole sensory apparatus ranging from talks to walks, meditation to simulation, inhalation to fabulation. Together we will playfully, subversively and collaboratively un-learn and re-think what planetary inhabiting means.
Otherwise festival is initiated and curated by Michaela Büsse and Benjamin Burger (performer and artistic director of the performance-production Extraleben) as part of their ongoing artistic research project H0 — Institute for Metamorphosis.

Read our reflection on the first edition of OTHERWISE here


^ studio is a speculative design practice set up by Michaela Büsse and Konstantin Mitrokhov.
We are driven by curiosity and the urge to make sense of what it means to be in the world. Through our practice we aim to draw ever new relations and question existing beliefs of means and ends, objects and subjects, space and time. Being aware that every truth is nothing but one possible constellation out of an infinite pool of options, our attempt is to proliferate this mechanism and multiply it to the extreme.
By exploring a media design practice that we like to refer to as xeno-design we aim to provoke the re-cognition of the human being. Like an optical illusion our alternative realities invert correlations, dualisms and other attempts to structure a world that doesn’t follow a logic we can possibly ever grasp.
Rather than proposing new (exclusive) models to think with, xeno-design describes the process of exercising abduction of thought, alienation of oneself and creation of new knowledge paradigms and scopes of action.

Recent works include short sci-fi film Common Task (2017), Interface Creep (2018), Otherwise festival (2018-19).