Migrant Journal is a six-issue publication exploring the circulation of people, goods, information, fauna and flora around the world and the transformative impact they have on space.

In order to break from the prejudices and clichés of migrants and migration, MIGRANT asks artists, journalists, academics, designers, architects, philosophers, activists and citizens to rethink our approach to migration and critically explore the new spaces it creates.

MIGRANT is edited by Justinien Tribillon, Michaela Büsse and Dámaso Randulfe. It's co-edited and designed by Offshore Studio, formed of Isabel Seiffert and Christoph Miler.

MIGRANT has received five commendations for Best Magazine (2017 & 2018), Best Editor (2018), Best Art Director (2018) and Best Launch (2017) at the Stack Awards. It has been shortlisted for the Design Museum's Beazley Design of the Year 2018.

After joining MIGRANT in 2017, I organised and curated numerous events and presented the project at festivals and conferences.

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November 2017

Talk at halfway, Vienna
Together with Christoph Miler, Talk at Future Sense Symposium, Basel.
Launch of Migrant Journal No. 6 FOREIGN AGENTS at Athenaeum Boekhandel, Amsterdam.
Release of Migrant Journal No. 6 FOREIGN AGENTS.
Talk at IAM Internet Weekend, Barcelona
Migrant Journal selected by ICON magazine as one of "100 talents to watch in the world of design".
Migrant Journal selected by curator Catherine Geel to be one of nine projects featured by the French Section at the XXII Triennale de Milano. Titled “Broken Nature”, the Triennale is curated by Paola Antonelli.
Together with Damaso Randulfe, curation and production of an exhibition for MIGRANT at Parellel Crossings, Artefact Festival, Leuven.
Together with artist Marit Mihklepp, launch event at Diffrakt, Berlin.
Release of Migrant Journal No. 5 MICRO ODYSSEYS.
Commended at the Stack Awards for Best Magazine, Best Editor and Best Art Director of the Year 2018.
Migrant Journal shortlisted for the Beazley Design of the Year Award by the Design. Museum. The collection is exhibited at the Design Museum.
Release of Migrant Journal No. 4 DARK MATTERS.
Talk at TU Berlin.
Together with Christopher Miler, talk and exhibition at the Lovelace, Munich.
Release of Migrant Journal No. 3 FLOWING GROUNDS.