In my ongoing practice-based PhD research (2017-2021), I investigate design through the lens of human-material entanglements. Whereas post-anthropocentric design practices attempt to overcome the human-centeredness attributed to design, I argue that a closer look at human-material relationships brought about by design reveals what to be  human means in the first place. Questioning design’s foundations and the extent to which they are constitutive to manifesting a certain human-material relationship thus exposes the coordinates of our contemporary understanding of human life in relation to its environments.

Along the planetary medium of sand, I investigate how material transformations of a seemingly elusive material affect human lives in various places and spaces. Sand in the context of this research acts as an interscalar vehicle—it combines geological time with human time, ecology with economy and politics. Through field work in South East Asia and the Netherlands, sensory ethnography and counter mapping practices, I’m tracing the livelihoods, infrastructures and design practices related to sand.

Prof. Dr. Claudia Mareis (University of Applied Science and Arts Northwestern Switzerland
Prof. Dr. Karin Harrasser (Linz University of the Arts)
Assistant Prof. Dr. Adam Nocek (Arizona State University)




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essay, Unmaking – Against General Applicability with Merle Ibach, Felix Gerloff, Viktor Bedö, Shintaro Miyazaki & Jamie Allen (IXDM) In: Critical Makers Reader (eds. Loes Bogers, Letizia Chiappini) Institute of Networked Cultures, Amsterdam.
essay, Building with Nature, collaboration with Neuhaus, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
lecture performance, After Agency,
HAT Research Centre, Poznan.workshop participation, Cartographies of the Vanishing Now, New Narratives for Earth, Fiber Festival , Amsterdam.
Curation of Strelka Institute’s Alumni Unconference, Moscow.
Workshop Sandlab in collaboration with Neuhaus, Het Nieuwe Instituut, Rotterdam.
Workshop organisation in the context of the conference Re-Imagining AI, a collaboration between IXDM and House of Electronic Media Arts, Basel.
Exhibition In the middle of it, ECAM, Basel
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Together with Selena Savic and Shintaro Miyazaki, workshop “Utopia Reshuffled”, OTHERWISE festival, Zurich.
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Research fellow with Acts of Life - an interdisciplinary collaboration of NTU CCA Singapore and MCAD Manila.     
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Together with Konstantin Mitrokhov, conference talk “The Common Task of a More-than-human-centred Design”, Beyond Change, Swiss Design Network Conference, Basel. 
Together with Critical Media Lab, workshop Masquerade for Commoning, Transmediale, Berlin.